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Reference image

For materials, please send print photos.

Photos will be returned after finishing.

《 Required photos 》 

※ Undressed pictures

〈A〉 Desired finish (front photo)... 1 sheet

Please mark so that you can see on the back of the photo.

 You can specify the face and pose separately.


〈B〉 From a different angle from〈A〉... 5 sheet or more

From both sides, from the buttocks, from the ventral, from the back

It will be helpful if you prepare in pose〈A〉.

Please comment on the features that are difficult to understand in the photo

​The more documents other than the above angles, the more helpful.

If you want to put your dog's coat, please wash and dry and send it Please add the features and episodes of your dog to the image.



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