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how to order

①Please fill out the form below and email me 

1.Your Full name

2.Address & Telephone number

3.Your dog's name, breed, sex, age

4.Desired work, size, quantity

Limited to shipping within Japan



A. Japan postal transfer (prepayment)

・Pay within 1 week after the completion of the work

・It will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed

B. Cash on delivery

・Ship as soon as the work is finished

・Payment upon delivery

(Please bear the fees for transfer and cash on delivery)



Based on Yamato Transport or Japan Postage


Returns exchange

We do not accept returns or cancellations after confirming your order.

We will only accept returns or exchanges within 1 week of arrival, as long as it is damaged or wrongly sent during delivery.

(Because it is handmade, it may not be possible to exchange the same product)


Customer Information

We will never disclose, sell, rent or give personal information of our customers (names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. that can identify an individual) to a third party. 


Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Store name / mecall

Distributor name / same as above

President / Miiko Mori

Location / inform by E-mail

Telephone number / inform by E-mail

E-mail adress /

How to order / E-mail

Payment method / postal transfer or cash on delivery

Fees other than product price / consumption tax, shipping fee, transfer fee, cash on delivery fee

Delivery method / general parcel post (Yamato Transport or Japan Post)

Transfer deadline / Within one week after receiving the scheduled delivery mail or when receiving the product

Returns/Exchanges / Only for damages in transit or delivery mistakes If you contact us within 1 week after delivery

Precautions/Because small parts are used, please be careful of accidental ingestion and injuries of pets and children. In that case, we can not assume the responsibility here.

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